What is Peach?

Peach Producer is an online dashboard for managing, broadcasting, and selling audio content. For $9/month (or $99/year), you can upload and manage audio tracks and playlists, sell albums and get paid every Friday, and embed your audio content in a media player on your own website.

Peach Pro

Peach Player is a cross-platform music player and album store that allows listeners free, unlimited, and ad-free access to all public playlists on the Peach platform. In addition to having free music and podcasts to listen to, Peach Player users can purchase albums from artists who release albums with Peach Producer. Listen in your browser at peachplayer.com/discover, download the native desktop client, or get the app on your iOS or Android device to take Peach Player wherever you go. Unlimited free offline listening is coming very soon!

Peach Player App

What is the commission split for producers?

Producers get 90% of the revenue from every album sale.

What is a track?

A track is simply an audio file, and is the basic content unit of the Peach platform. Playlists and albums are made up of audio tracks that users can listen to.

Peach Player Embed

What is a playlist?

A playlist is a list of tracks that is publicly available to listen to for free by Peach Player listeners.

What is an album?

An album is a list of tracks with a cover image and landing page that Peach Player listeners can purchase access to from a Peach Producer broadcaster. Albums contain at least three tracks and cost between $6 and $24 with the artist receiving 90% of the revenue directly.

What is Discover?

Peachplayer.com/discover is a place to find free public playlists and browse the album store without having to be logged in or have the app. Logged in users can access Peachplayer.com for additional features.

What is the media player embed?

The embed is an embeddable audio player that can be placed in virtually any website or JavaScript-capable app. Unlike other audio player embeds, Peach Player is unobtrusive, stylish, and very lightweight so that the hosting site's layout is minimally affected by the player.

Peach Player Embed

How do I upload a track?

Login to the Dashboard, scroll to the bottom of the track list and click the "Add Track" button. You will be prompted by your OS to navigate to the file for upload. Make sure it's a valid audio file before uploading.

How do I create a playlist?

Login to the Dashboard and right-click the track in the track list that you want to add first. Select "Add to New Playlist" from the context menu, and enter a name for it when prompted. Click the "Save Playlist" button and the playlist will be created with that track in it.

How do I add a track to an existing playlist?

Login to the Dashboard and right-click the track you want to add. Select "Add to Playlist" from the context menu, and select the desired playlist when prompted. Click the "Add to Playlist" button and the track will be appended to the playlist.

How do I release an album for sale?

Login to the Dashboard and click the "Release Album" button. Enter a name for the album, click the "Choose File" button to select an album cover image, and check all the tracks from your track list that you want to include in the album. Be sure to choose a price from the pricing dropdown (albums can be sold for any whole-dollar amount between $6 and $24, the default is $6). Click "Save Album" and your album will immediately be available for sale on the Discover page and in the Peach Player app.

How do I buy an album?

Navigate to any album on the Discover page, or in the Peach Player app, and click the "Buy" button. You will be navigated to a secure payment page where you can enter payment information and complete your purchase. Upon successful purchase, you will be redirected to Discover with the album available in your sidebar. Click the album in the sidebar to listen to it.

How do I create my own audio player embed?

Login to the Dashboard and click the "Generate Embed" button. You will be prompted to enter a whitelist domain — this is the domain on which you plan to host your embed. Type in your domain and click "Add Domain". You will then be provided with an HTML code snippet to use in your website.

How do I embed my audio player in my own website?

Copy the code snippet provided by the "Generate Embed" process and paste it just before the closing body tag. When you load the page with the embed, it will appear in the bottom-right of the screen for your visitors to use.

How do I embed my audio player in my SquareSpace site?

Coming soon.

How do I embed my audio player in my WordPress site?

Coming soon.

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